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A model indicates several new buildings (in gray) that the Aspen Center for Physics wants to develop to accommodate visiting scientists and their families. The physics center is collaborating on a land use application with the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Music Festival and School, which have separate plans for employee housing developments at the Aspen Meadows campus.
Kaya Williams
Aspen Public Radio
“Housing the Aspen Idea” is a collaboration between the Aspen Institute, Aspen Center for Physics and the Aspen Music Festival and School. Each nonprofit has their own plans for housing with different occupants in mind; they’re working on a land use application together to consider big-picture impacts and eliminate redundancies.
  • On today's newscast, the Aspen Security Forum tackles the politics of green energy, three cultural institutions plan new housing at the Aspen Meadows campus, and Pitkin County is considering a new property tax.
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The 15th annual Aspen Security Forum will explore innovative new collaborations across government, private industry, and civil society to tackle the serious global challenges we're collectively facing.
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